Hey there! I’m Adam Nguyen!

I’m a software engineer currently studying at The University of Texas at Austin. If you want to get in touch, shoot me an email at [my first name][my last name] @ utexas.edu! I always love getting random mail, and I can promise a reply (if the UT spam filter doesn't get to you first). I plan on graduating in the spring of 2024.

What I’m working on

What I've done in the past


A limited collection of projects that I've worked on... soon to be expanded!

Talks and Presentations

Every academic seems to like to talk about all of the talks they've done. Here is a selection of talks I've done:


* This a really a satirical position. For serious inquires, you'll likely receive a response from my mother, who is the brains and the muscle behind the whole operation. Or my sisters, who both monitor the email inbox much more frequently than I do.